How Making Whisky Keeps Local Cows Happy

How Making Whisky Keeps Local Cows Happy


We're passionate about sustainability, protecting the environment and helping North Wales achieve "Net Zero" here at Aber Falls Distillery.

One way we're helping (and in fact helping ourselves) is the arrangement we have with our local cattle farmer Will Davies. Once we've used our barley to create the mash to make our whisky, whereas, normally, you have to pay a company to remove this "waste product", we have an arrangement with a farm, 500yds away from our distillery, that they collect the used barley (now know as "draff") to feed their cows.

They don't pay for this feed and we don't pay for someone to collect it, it's a win-win situation. The end result is happy cows!

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North Wales Whisky Maker Keeps the Cows Happy on the Road to Net Zero (

For More information on our sustainability goals here's an article about us from the Sustainable Supply Chain UK Magazine.
How the story appeared on ITV Wales News
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