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Meet The Team


Managing Director

James Wright

James Wright, Managing Director Aber Falls

Operations Manager

Lliwen Griffith

Lliwen Griffith, Operations Manager Aber Falls

Office Manager

Carole Jones

Carole Jones, Office Manager Aber Falls


Events & Marketing Manager

Maddie Williams

Madelyn Williams, Events Coordinator & Ambassador Aber Falls


Distillery Team Leader

Glen Edwards

Glen Edwards, Distillery Team Leader Aber Falls

Distillery Operative

Mike Barbour

Mike Barbour, Distillery Apprentice Aber Falls

Distillery Operative Apprentice

Ellis Evans

Ellis Evans, Distillery Apprentice Aber Falls

Tour Team

Tour Guide

Elaine Miller

Elaine Miller, Tour Guide Aber Falls

Tour Guide

Mary-Clare Hutley

Mary-Clare Hutley, Tour Guide Aber Falls