Commemorative cask of Single Malt Welsh Whisky

Aber Falls Distillery commenced production in December 2017, and has filled 1763 casks to date. The first bottles of single malt whisky will be released in early 2021. To celebrate this we would like to extend an invitation to members of the public to lay down their very own cask of whisky. A limited number of casks will be set aside for members of the public to purchase on a first come first served basis at a price of £2,500.

Casks in Aber Falls Distillery


These casks are 200 litre bourbon casks and will be filled with new make spirit at 63.4% ABV. Spirit naturally evaporates reducing the volume and ABV over time, in a process known as the angels share. This varies depending on a number of factors including weather and individual cask. Under European law, Welsh whisky must be matured for a minimum of 3 years and 1 day, in a bonded warehouse. All storage and insurance costs for three years are included in the cost. Owners of the casks will receive a commemorative certificate bearing their cask number and details.

Photo of Aber Falls Distillery with hilly landscape behind


Looking to become a keystone in promoting Wales as a key player in the drinks category, Aber Falls Whisky Distillery sits at the foot of the famous waterfall in Snowdonia National Park. Launched in 2017, as the first whisky distillery in North Wales for over 100 years, Aber Falls is committed to delivering the highest quality, authentic Welsh whisky using local produce and working with farmers on sustainability and grain production.

With Scotland and Ireland at the forefront of whisky production, we aim to showcase the quality and sustainability of Welsh ingredients, and demonstrate the fantastic whiskies available.

We have invested in the best distillery equipment, sourced the finest casks, and have skilled and passionate distillers in place to ensure the highest quality spirits, which are currently being matured under the expert eye of our team.

Aber Falls waterfall

Welsh Spirit

The spirit produced at Aber Falls has unique provenance, being the only distillery in Wales to use 100% Welsh malted barley. All stages of the production process from distilling through to maturation and bottling is all done in Wales, creating a unique piece of Welsh distilling history.

Water is drawn the distillery’s own borehole which runs down from Aber Falls and the Snowdonia mountains. With stills that contain both copper and steel condensers, Aber Falls has created unique and complex single malt spirit, and is also producing malted rye whisky. The spirit is then being matured in wide variety of the finest casks, such as bourbon, sherry and red wine casks.

Commemorative cask of Single Malt Welsh Whisky