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Single Malt Whisky (Autumn 2021 Release)

The Aber Falls Single Malt Welsh Whisky has been years in the making, from the first whisky distillery in North Wales in over 100 years. This rich and full-bodied whisky, crafted meticulously with passion to achieve distinct flavour profiles, is a fine liquid that we’re proud to permanently add to our portfolio of award-winning spirits.

Tasting notes

This amber gold whisky has an aroma of vanilla and toffee, candied citrus fruits, and fig and sultana; all balanced with a gentle hint of clove. On the palate, experience sweet sherry notes with dried fruit and spice, complemented by forest fruit flavours, creamy malt, nuts, dark chocolate and espresso. Enjoy a long and lingering dried fruit finish with a subtle sense of spice.

Vol. 70cl


ABV 40%

Single Malt Whisky (Autumn 2021 Release)


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Our aim: to ensure that our Whisky is 100% Welsh and sustainable

We believe that our whisky should put in as much as it takes out. Our work with local farmers on growing the finest Welsh barley strives to not only ensure our ingredient is authentic and of the highest quality, but also improve the economy of the area.

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    We endeavour to work with farmers and businesses to maximise use of local resources, making sure nothing goes to waste and we continue to be green.

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    Having a skilled and passionate team is essential to ensuring the production of the highest quality spirits, and providing visitors with an exciting journey of whisky discovery.

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    Our distillery sits alongside the Aber Falls river, the water is filtered down from the Snowdon mountain range which becomes a key ingredient in all our spirits.

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    Going Green

    Our barley is farmed locally for our single malt whisky and our distiller’s grains, a by-product of the distillation process is collected to feed local cattle.