The Process

Copper Still


Aber Falls whisky is unique in both its production and its taste. Working with local farmers, we use only authentic Welsh malted barley and fresh Welsh water, and our recipes have been meticulously built to highlight the quality of these spectacular ingredients.

The spirit must be aged for a minimum of three years and one day before it is legally whisky.

After fermentation, our whisky is distilled in large copper stills, which remove the sulphur from the liquid and help in the formation of esters, giving the spirit a refined, fruity character.

Copper still close up
Aber Falls Whisky Casks


Once distilled, a range of specially selected wood barrels, including American Oak Bourbon, Virgin Oak and Spanish Sherry, enhance the flavour profile of the whisky during the maturation process.

These casks are stored at our distillery in Abergwyngregyn to take on the characteristics of the Menai Straits air, and retain the authentic profile of Aber Falls.


The magic happens during the aging process, when our skilled distillers use a variety of methods to blend and create the finest whiskies, including dividing barrels, marrying the liquids, or simply full-term maturation in one cask.

This gives a diverse portfolio, ranging from 3 year old expressions to, well, as old as we feel to achieve maximum quality and taste. 

Aber Falls Whisky Casks in storage

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